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New series: The Valley of Hearts

Meet Chief Eaglefeather


The Flamedancers' Fire


The Clear Cascade

The Deep Meadow

The Mild Winds

The Valley of Hearts

New Edition

The famous Danish sleep book The Valley of Hearts is currently undergoing a beautiful transformation into a book series of five books. The books take you and your child on an inner journey as you visit the four elements together and learn how to cleanse your mind at bedtime. The first two books have been published.

In the first book, you will meet Chief Eaglefeather, who gives you a brief introduction and learn to find your way to your inner Valley of Hearts.

In the next books you will meet the Flamedancers' Fire, The Clear Cascade, The Deep Meadow, and The Mild Winds - all with deep wisdom to teach you.

When we understand that we are part of nature and learn to mirror it in ourselves, we get valuable tools for life.

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