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The Children's Meditations

In my heart

Gitte Winter Graugaard, 2 Edition 2021

Here is the famous book that helps families in getting peaceful bedtime routines in more than 20 countries.

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Abouth the Author

Gitte Winter Graugaard
Author, Experth in peaceful bedtime routines

My books help children and families thrive in everyday life.

What if every child learned to say good night and fill their hearts with love every night? How would that change the world?

My books have already helped thousands of children in more than 20 countries, fall asleep by creating a strong heart connection. In the VALLEY OF HEARTS, they gain a better understanding of the natural elements of fire, earth, air and water.

The children have also learned from 'In my heart', to falling asleep inside their love mountain while filling their hearts with love. With 'The Monster Manual for Children with many concerns' families have learned to fight the cause of concern. For many families, my books have brought about a big change.

Let us give the next generations the opportunity to listen to their beautiful hearts and make peaceful changes.

Order your copies today and you can start as early as tonight. I hope my books will also bring joy to you and your family

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